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- الرؤيا -
We believe that children who are brought up in an Islamic environment will inshallah thrive and grow with strong roots from the Islamic way of life. It has been established, and is well documented that long term life success is dependent on the child's leading environment. That is during the first few years of his or her life. In fact, the first five years are the time when children discover the world and how to learn, therefore, positive learning opportunities during those years are essential for children's emotional, social, language, cognitive and physical development.
- الرسالة -
We strongly believe a native teacher should teach their native language British for English, Arab for Arabic Saudi for Arabic, French for French and so on to give the child maximum benefit.All English language teachers are Native British or American for All English subjects Kg Nursery sections have Native teachers with a clear accent as a homeroom teacher.If we have space in the section you require you may choose from a British or an American, Australian teacher for your child please enquire about this on enrolment.
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السعودية, الرياض, العليا, الفاضلي
tel: +966 114649666
البريد الإلكتروني: alalameenschool@yahoo.com
فاكس : + 966 1 2175444
صندوق بريد : 0, الرياض 12311
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مدير المدرسة هو السيدة سوزان تايلر
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Admission can be done through the school website www.alalameenschool.com/admissions.php
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مكاتب عقارية بالجوار
فرسان التطوير للاستثمار العقاري - 0.00 كم - Tel:
مكتب فهد بن عبدالرحمن العثمان للعقارات - 0.40 كم - Tel: +966 114620800
مكتب الشريف للعقارات - 0.60 كم - Tel: +966 555112093
مكتب ناصر الذيب للعقارات - 0.60 كم - Tel: +966 554489999
الجماز للعقارات - 0.70 كم - Tel: +966505267046
مكتب بن جمعان للعقارات - 0.80 كم - Tel: +966 114657208
مكتب بن سعيد للعقارات - 0.80 كم - Tel: +966 505457119
مكتب التخيفي للعقارات - 0.80 كم - Tel: +966 114645088
مكتب الباب الواعد للهقارات - 1.10 كم - Tel: +966 535330033
مكتب محمد قاسم الثويني للعقارات - 1.20 كم - Tel: +966 554025544
البكر - 1.50 كم - Tel: +966114655006
رسوم المدرسة
الروضة و الحضانة
قبل روضة الإطفال - حضانة 22000
روضة أطفال 1 22000
روضة أطفال 2 22000
 المدرسة الأساسية
الصف الأول 22000
الصف الثاني 22000
الصف الثالث 22000
الصف الرابع 22000
الصف الخامس 22000
الصف السادس 22000
المرحلة الإعدادية
الصف السابع 22000
الصف الثامن 22000
الصف التاسع 22000
المرحلة الإعدادية
الصف العاشر
الصف الحادي عشر
الصف الثاني عشر
الخصومات 2200 for the third child
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المواصلات باتجاهين
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الزي المدرسي All Uniforms are from Marks & Spencer. Uniform prices are not included
الكتب Free Books for students who pays the term at once, Books cost 2000 SR.
ملاحظات advanced kg , advanced grade fees are 25000 for all grades

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مشاهدة التعليقات
  Posted 14/08/40 12:00:41 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ One of the best schools in terms of quality of teaching. The school hires qualified teachers from western countries a d takes great care in developing students. Suzanne Taylor, the principal of the school is a truly professional a d extremely hard working person which ensures student progress is guaranteed.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 06/11/39 12:01:39 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ A very smart management will make you pay the school fees every fifty days at a rate of SR12000 every sixty days, which means that you will become in a spiral of payment using the Jewish method of collecting the money and making you pay for the whole year first by assuring you that there are no seats if you do not pay in the week of payment, Registration and acceptance over the months only to pay the amount of 2000 riyals over the prescribed fees or make you pay the amount of 5000 riyals The story goes on and you do not feel that you will become a cash money for them. The smartest management that will make you pay every five and fifty days. Yes, the building is good and the manager is the same school owner, the British female workers and female employees of Filipino nationality, which inspires you to order but that does not prevent them from saying that they are running Interested in making money only by paying tuition fees every five and fifty days for those who have the ability”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 05/11/39 11:44:12 م  - ( 1.4 )

“ A very smart management will make you pay the school fees every fifty days at a rate of SR12000 every sixty days, which means that you will become in a spiral of payment using the Jewish method of collecting the money and making you pay for the whole year first by assuring you that there are no seats if you do not pay in the week of payment, Registration and acceptance over the months only to pay the amount of 2000 riyals over the prescribed fees or make you pay the amount of 5000 riyals The story goes on and you do not feel that you will become a cash money for them. The smartest management that will make you pay every five and fifty days. Yes, the building is good and the manager is the same school owner, the British female workers and female employees of Filipino nationality, which inspires you to order but that does not prevent them from saying that they are running Interested in making money only by paying tuition fees every five and fifty days for those who have the ability”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 23/05/39 11:09:04 م  - ( 1.0 )

“ مجموعه من اللصوص حيسرقونك يوم بعد يوم اداره سيئه للغايه في كل سنه نفس السرقه وبطريقه جديده سيطلبون ٢٠٠ ريال لزي للحفل وبعد الدفع سيطلبون ١٠٠ عن كل طفل وبعدها سيطلبون ١٠٠ عن الام لحضور الحفل و كل ما تدفع تتورط لا يمديك ترجع فلوسك ولا يمديك تكمل لانهم بيبتزونك. وكل سنه قصه جديده بالنهايه تلاقي نفسك في كل حفل تخسر ١٠٠٠ او اكثر . هاذي مدرسه يهوديه وليست اسلاميه بتعاملها وبابتزازها للاهل و الطلاب ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 06/12/38 05:16:33 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ Lovely school. After visiting 8 schools i find this the best. The principal is just so caring. The building is fantastic. The fees i paid are 22. I compared to many which are around same but the quality if this is much higher. The system is British the curriculums are British. I notice British schools are also less. Teachers are very good. I like the way that every lesson my kids understand. They dont have burden on homework. Most kids speak good clear English that attend. Super clean bathrooms were important and i find that. My 4th child will go in September. I Have found a great school which my kids are happy. So i can recommend for you. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 13/10/38 12:42:52 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ مدرسة عظيمة جدا. أنا بالفعل ذهبت الدراسة في الجامعة، لكني ساعدت دائما لإيجاد فكر خدمة الحق https://ar.orderyouressay.com/”

Submitted by Student
  Posted 09/08/38 05:42:35 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ New branches opened for them ittc compund state art branches amazing high technology. They are now Cambridge university affiliated. Associated school of London Cambridge Uk. 0530208907 is a fast track number for help of administration. Best luck”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 27/07/38 03:18:10 م  - ( 2.9 )

“ The school has a good study environment and teacher and staff is very cooperative. Montessori section and kindergarten is very good and established. Higher grades however Mneed more efforts. School management policies and practices keep changing very often. School fee has also been revised and increased. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 22/07/38 07:37:44 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ My son is a student in KG section and I have a friend who is working in this school so I have many informations. First of all, in the KG section you have smart advanced and advanced in one building and traditional in a different building, the price difference is 5000 between the traditional and the smart but the difference between the facilities the teachers and the way the school deals with the parents and students is veeeeeery different. If you are a parent of a kid in traditional section you will feel like your putting your son for free in the school..... Most of the teachers are new in the school, some without any experience in teaching, some scream a lot, some make the kids sleep in the class, some says even bad words to the students,spend the day picturing and posting in Facebook and when the parents call they say that the kid was lying. The most important thing in the school is the events, wearing diferent clothes and taking pictures, of course you have to spend money for all”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 22/07/38 07:35:31 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ very bad school, the principal is very rude. they are lying all the time, there will be no grade 10 the next year and they are still saying IGCSE. The teachers level is medium and some of them are bad, the mathematics teacher for upper grades, is not doing anything in the class. Most of the teachers are Pakistani with a Pakistani accent. No experience in teaching. Too much events and hundred of pictures in their Facebook group daily taken and posted by the teachers. So waist of time and work not accomplished in a good way. I don't recommend this school at all.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 15/07/38 09:53:35 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ Very bad school I am done with it and i will take mu kids out of it المدرسه اكثر من سيئه بمجرد ما تدفع يبدون الابتزاز يوم صوره بميه ريال ويوم يونيفورم لاكتيفتي بمتيين ريال تلاقي نفسك دفعت ١٠ الاف زياده وانت مو حاسس وما فيها اي شي مميز من تجربتي الشخصيه لا انصح احد بها الناحيه التعليميه غير مميزه اطلاقا عادي جدا مثل اي مدرسه ثانيه”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 15/07/38 09:42:24 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ One of the worst schools ever A star is too much on this school They warship money and education is not in thier priority المدرسه سيئه للغايه ولا يهتمون بالاولاد تدفع كثير وما تحصل شي”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 10/03/38 03:32:29 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ Now a recognized associate school for the university of Cambridge in England kids can do igcse and A level's and go direct to university. they have boys sections too. so clean environment. I am in grade 11 love my school my teachers care and its my 2nd home. Mrs khan and Saira g10”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 10/03/38 03:31:04 ص  - ( 4.9 )

“ yes I love my children's school, 3rd year especially now they moved to the smart new campus its way ahead from any pother school . I like the way the school don't care for money as they fees in 8 years have never risen loyal to growing parents. Qualified staff with native accents not all staff are blonde with blue eyes typical native but are qualified and were educated in the west. They do have set dates to pay and its clearly outlined when you enroll. They however didn't raise fees like most schools which I think was good. The books each year revised from uk excellent. The after school clubs is outstanding. They have special kitchens for cooking class they have gym for sports They do Arabic Quran and something for everyone. They have a tight exit card system for safety no one can take your kid out. So far so good I am very pleased and feel I made best decision to choose this school. Top management also available for any issues that arise. Scholl has social work and a clinic.”

Submitted by Other
  Posted 10/03/38 03:28:29 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ First international school which have real native teachers . My son is in kg Montessori we have a lovely British doing so well on his language. He enjoys school very much comes home happy. My girl is in grade 3 this year we have reem another wonderful qualified British amazing way of dealing with the students. I like the interactive lessons , this year they open a new 3d theatre and a massive new library. They moved to umalhamam amazing state of the art campus. The fees remained the same. Love the optional professional photo shoots at each event they host. All events are free in school we provide materials or costumes. This school is of high standards and wont suit a family on a very low budget. This year I realize they are strict on entrance tests and do not take any child strict assessments take place. It benefits all parents as peers have influence on our kids. The Management always have time to listen care and help me and my wife. The hygiene side is very high maids in bathrooms.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 10/03/38 03:22:13 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ This school is more than excellent . My son was bullied by a very bad boy in his class and school took and action and have removed the boy . This is the first school I have attended 3 in Riyadh which cares for the feelings of children. They held meetings and were very professional . Go for it you will never look back. My problems solved ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 01/03/38 12:58:53 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ One of the worst schools ever, i do not recommend anyone to join his kid to such school. I have withdrawn my son, he only stayed for 6 weeks. There is neither vision nor mission. Teachers are solving everything for him while cheating that his excellent, no efforts only pictures and no progress,however, skills is goind down. Very bad behavior and very bad responsibility toward ourselves as parents and my son who is suffering psychologically and physically from teachers who are not responsible and new as well as they are not compensating us with the useless amount paid that never used, even there is no response from top management you don't know to whom you could talk. I think it is not an international school compared to others. No Native teachers it is like a show! It looks for money and never pays any cost it is like a beggar”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 03/01/38 09:22:22 ص  - ( 1.7 )

“ Academic wise its good, the management is extremely materialistic (money-oriented) once you register your kids they will milk you every day. one of the important communication channels with the school is facebook groups but if you objected anything the group admin will delete your comments immediately, I think they don’t want to hear any think bad about they handling stuff, this is a funny way of dealing with people especially high educated parents if they don't listen to people how they are going to teach that to kids, all on all its an average school but make sure to add couple of thousands per kids when calculating the budget. the school teaches Quran and Arabic and this is good. transportation is available as well.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 21/11/37 01:42:57 م  - ( 1.0 )

“ ”

Submitted by Student
  Posted 08/11/37 06:32:58 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ The new smart campus opended the school is just simple fantastic, There is no other school that can compare. I have been to the international british also the fees there are 65.000sr I get the same if not better for 3rd of the fee. Native teachers wonderful reception, Safe clean and very much british ways and standards. They look after kids very well any problems get solved . I suggest all parents go along. Good thing is the fees stick not rise each year. Sports subjects all satisfactory. My children love school so this makes me comfortable.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 21/07/37 03:14:50 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ Lovley school. Teachers are so caring followings of Islam. Very balanced medium's of teachings. Execellent services. My children's educational levels are greatly met. I would highly recommend any parents to considered this school based on my honest experience over this year. We shall be enrolling for the next year. Lets hope we have the same greay overall experience. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 17/06/37 06:58:39 م  - ( 1.0 )

“ My name is Muhammed Hashim. I managed to get admission for my daughter Ayisha in this school and unfortunately I got job transfer to Dubai. I requested to the principal and coordinator those who Incharge of the school to get a fees refund in last July and until now they didn't show a caurtacy to give any refund. I explained them all my situation but they didn't take any action. I believe that this school is working only for money and they don't known what is humanity and it is not a islamic culture. As a parent,this is the treatment I received and I can imagine my daughter's future, if she study in this school. I will never ever recommend this school. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 07/05/37 07:55:40 م  - ( 1.0 )

“ I am Rose Mabirizi, a teacher with experience in British curriculum looking for job in you school, please if there is chance let me know. Thank you. Rose M”

Submitted by Other
  Posted 25/04/37 08:20:58 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ Excellent school , qualified teachers, safe n hygienic environment, hardworking staff, fun filled events , smart board lessons ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 23/04/37 03:53:29 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ My Name is M Yousaf. I am looking for a job. I have Experience in LUMS . Currently I am looking for a company that provide me challenging Environment . so I am Available for many types of work. I Attach my working Experience certificates and CV . I assure you that I will work hard. I request you kindly provide me opportunity to work , I am to  much worried about my Future and my family Expenses. If  you Corporate me my all family always pray for you. Your,s  faithfully, My working Experience in Marketing, purchasing, security, Cooking fast food and Pakistan Indian foods, Driving, Agric lure, House and office cleaning (moping), Waiter, trekkers mountaineer Tourism Department  m yousaf MUHAMMAD YOUSAF Email : muhammadyousaf.lums@gmail.com Mobile : 0092­3444250950 0092­300­440­9961 Career Objective : To work”

Submitted by Other
  Posted 21/09/36 06:28:25 م  - ( 4.4 )

“ I have been in this school for last 5 years. From kg to grades. Teachers grow here don't change so stable. The enviroment is good. My son learnt alot speaks good now. Dr khan”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 21/09/36 06:28:18 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ I simple love my children's school . We are proud of it. My children has excellent education and gained top marks. They pray daily have fun coke home safe and happy. Beat thing top british curriculum and standards at fees we can afford as working parents. Inside I feel like I'm in England. British staff and management that listen to me if any isuss arises. One best and always in damand. Go for it .”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 20/09/36 08:59:36 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ Probably the best school in Riyadh. So many different nationalities. My children are African American decent we suffered from bulling at another school so lat year choose an Islamic school to overcome these issues and choose british islamic school alalameen. Alhamduilla I feel so comfortable the school have a 0 tolarance on racism and bad behaviour. My kids feel proud to be Muslims and live their school. The mangement have top ethics and principles. Although a bit strict at times about parents times to enter I can understand from a saftey point of view. My children have friends from Spain Russia France Oman many british and American even China so truly international makes it a perfect upbringing for my kids. Fees good environment clean which is important to me. Teachers high motivated and qualified and care for parents opinions this is rare. Clear to see training is good. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 20/09/36 08:59:10 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ It's an excellent school where the children enjoy. My 4 children grew last 3 years. English is taught well. Definitely recommend. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 20/09/36 08:59:02 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ We finally got a place afger long waiting list they are selective on who they take. I know the refused adhd and special needs . The curriculum is strong been a good year for us. We will continue next year. Fees didn't rise good thing. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 18/08/36 01:11:27 م  - ( 1.0 )

“ Be aware! this school is far from Islamic, they are raceist and they don't treat all students equily they discriminate against some nationalities. Shame on them they use Islam as a slogan while they practice the opposition of Islamic values. This school dosn't deserve the our trust to teach and take care of our loved ones. Those Britsh immigrants from Pakistani descent who run the school should have learned how bad and unethical to discriminate against a certain race or nationality. Shame on them!”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 16/08/36 03:06:13 ص  - ( 2.0 )

“ للأسف هذه المدارس التى تسمي نفسها إسلامية والإسم ضمناً يدل على أهتمامهم بتعاليم الدين الإسلامي والأخلاق الفاضلة سقطت في أول أختبار لها وذلك عند محاولت نقل إبنتي من مدارس الرياض إلى هذه المدرسة. بدايةً عند الإتصال هاتفياً وكانت المحادثة بالإنجليزية في وسط المحادثة تم سؤالي عن الجنسية وأخبرتهم أن إبنتي سعودية، طلبت أن تزور زوجتي المدارس في الغد لتفقد المدرسة ومقابلة الإدارة والحديث مع المدرسين فتم إخباري أن المدرسة مغلقة ولا يتواجد بها المعلمون لإنتهاء العام الدراسي. كانت هذه كذبة كشفت لنا في الغد. بعدها تم إخباري بعدم توفر مقاعد لمرحلة إبنتي. عند زيارة زوجتي من الغد لم يسمح لها بالدخول لداخل المدرسة للإطلاع على المباني والفصول بسبب أنه يوجد مخيم صيفي للأطفال و أنهم يتواجدون في مقاعد الدراسة. في هذه اللحظة تم إكتشاف كذبهم بخصوص أغلاق المدرسة وبدأت ملاحظة ما يدور من حولي. بعد عودتي لعملي طلبت من أحد الزملاء الإجانب أن يقوم بالإتصال ويطلب تسجيل إبنتة في نفس مرحلة إبنتي فكان السؤال عن الجنسية مرة أخرى وبعد ذلك كان جوابهم سريعاً بتوفر مقاعد. لا شك أن إدارة هذه المدرسة تتعامل بعنصرية تجاه ا”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 25/04/36 04:52:50 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ At first I would like to thank all the staff and workers in this school for their caring for the kids this school got many advantages and more advanced technology to help the kids learning My thanks to all the staff and the British Laision Officer that works for the best of our kids. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 22/04/36 01:07:44 ص  - ( 4.9 )

“ The school in the last 6 year since my children joined went from strength to strength. What I mean is each year standards for the. Was raised. Fees didn't remained same. The school makes a lot efforts on giving the children a happy balanced year of educational events free of charge. The overall cleanliness of the campus is above average and the fact they are strict with rules appealed to me as a parent from the west. The teachers mainly from uk usa south Africa are stable didn't change. I like the soft play indoor area used for when it bad weather. They run a support system network fantastic. AL Quran Arabic Islamic daily is a bonus as we are Muslims. It's important to give my children the best education . I can safely recommend this school to any family. Best luck to you as I know how hard it is making the decision for your kids. Dr tariq. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 22/04/36 12:55:37 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ A school that cares listens and respects parents feedback rare to find. Has all nationalities truly international. Russian french british American Arabic and asian kids ”

Submitted by Other
  Posted 22/04/36 12:55:29 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ This first year for us and it was defintly the correct decision. It's far from my house but wort the extra distance as my children are very happy. Learning pace excellent. My child has no previous knowledge of Arabic at a lower level so that they have benifits. Having many levels of arabic and quran is an excellent indicator the school want the best for its students. Umm Laith”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 22/04/36 12:55:22 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ It is a very professional school with excellent qualified teachers. Best thing management listen when you have any issue and care. The bathrooms have to be a high point as each one hosts a maid cleans them after each child. You can see by standards they have a mangement that is strong and cares. ”

Submitted by Other
  Posted 21/04/36 03:31:26 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ School life reflects the impact of character of the children, My daughter in this school, enrolled since 3 years and i can see her progress, best principal who has incredible knowledge and she reads minds of the kids and work accordingly which develops postive and good understanding among themselves as well as with others , children love school and always want to see their dear teachers and miss them during vacations, school holds neat and clean environment with very best and strong british curriculum ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 21/04/36 03:23:17 م  - ( 1.0 )

“ my daughter enrolled in Al Alameen British Islamic school , best school iam very much satisfied with progress of my little one from start> All teacher are patiently connected with children. Parents will surely know when teachers are doing a good job by the information they share about the academic, social, and emotional development of the child , excellent neat and clean environment. ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 21/04/36 02:59:31 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ Affordable fees top quality education safe . My kids love school. What more can a dad want. I love my kids teachers they care alot.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 06/03/36 08:23:34 ص  - ( 3.6 )

“ Its a very good school with qualified teachers ..my son only 3 years old but now after three months he knows arabic and english alphabet and numbers.. also its an islamic school and they concentrate on quran ... they give a motivation for child to shine and they build a self confidence ..its really like a second home for the child ..”

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“ Last year, I admitted my 5 years old son in the Reception Stage (KG3), and his experience with English language was only few numbers and hardly the letters, two month later, I was surprised that he can speak and understand English. I believe the school is very good, at the start of the academic year there was mismanagement then, everything went fine. Their fees is OK, they don't suddenly increase it. I also think that there MUST an effort to be done with the kids at home which really improves there performance.”

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1- إستخدم الحقل في الاعلى لإختيار الصوره المراد تحميلها. الرجاء تحميل صور للمدرسة فقط

2- سيتم تحميل الصور فورا و سيقوم فريق عمل كراسة بمراجعة الصور للتأكد من جودتها.