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tel: 034169336
معلومات عامة
the school accept co education
The School Accept the Following grades : All Grades School
the school is a National school
the school total space range is from (-) Km
المدارس القريبة
مكاتب عقارية بالجوار
ALBAKER - 0.90 كم - Tel: +966114655006
Fahed bin Abdelrahman Office for Real Estate - 1.40 كم - Tel: +966 114620800
Jaar and Daar for Real Estate - 1.70 كم - Tel: +966 500043443
Forsan Development for Real Estate - 1.80 كم - Tel:
Blund Real Estate - 1.80 كم - Tel: +966 114770554
Al Fahameh Real Estate - 1.90 كم - Tel: +966 114791822
Nasser Al-Theeb Real Estate Office - 1.90 كم - Tel: +966 554489999
Rukn Al Nawader Real Estate - 2.00 كم - Tel: +966 112939765
Nawaf Saleh Al-Shemri Office for real estate - 2.00 كم - Tel: +966 55116161
Al Iqtesad Real Estate - 2.00 كم - Tel: +966 555588394
Hamad AbdulRahman Al Thawab for Real Estate - 2.00 كم - Tel: +966 114762022
Riyadh office for real estate - 2.00 كم - Tel: +966 114642335
Bin Jamaan Office for Real Estate - 2.00 كم - Tel: +966 114657208
Al Sheriff for Real Esatate - 2.00 كم - Tel: +966 555112093
رسوم المدرسة
الروضة و الحضانة
قبل روضة الإطفال - حضانة 18000
روضة أطفال 1 19000
روضة أطفال 2 19000
 المدرسة الأساسية
الصف الأول 27500
الصف الثاني 27500
الصف الثالث 27500
الصف الرابع 27500
الصف الخامس 27500
الصف السادس 27500
المرحلة الإعدادية
الصف السابع 27000
الصف الثامن 28000
الصف التاسع 28500
المرحلة الإعدادية
الصف العاشر 29000
الصف الحادي عشر 30500
الصف الثاني عشر 30500
الخصومات (discount may change base on number students) 10% discount on term fees applies for the second child. 15% discount applies for the third child.
المواصلات باتجاه واحد
المواصلات باتجاهين
رسوم التسجيل 3500
الزي المدرسي
ملاحظات Rules: - An additional SR 300 will be charged for late payment of School fees. - Dishonoured cheques will entail an additional SR 300 - Service charge. - Registration and tuitions fees are Non-Refundable - Fees can be paid in one Payment or three easier payments. (September, December and April) (Fees times may change)

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مشاهدة التعليقات
  Posted 02/02/39 02:09:00 م  - ( 3.7 )

“ I have been in this scool for my entire school life. It has definitely changed, but it still remains one of the best shchools since it takes all its education seriously. One problem, however, is that it focuses too much on studying and education, that it forgets about extracurricular activities such as sports, art, drama/theater, and such.”

Submitted by Student
  Posted 08/01/38 05:09:38 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ i think thy must handle the telephone first, i there is no one to answer your call, do you think thy will listen to your kid or your complains?? ”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 17/09/37 02:28:25 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ Please tell us about your school, Tution fees , transport facility and academic schedule and also if there is any hifz quran facility available.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 04/07/37 03:50:47 ص  - ( 1.0 )

“ Dear parents . We r looking for good school for grade 6.heard about SIS ,just worried for teacher student relationship. And how we can communicate with teachers if any problem. Hoping for early reply. Stay blessed all.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 17/12/36 01:54:04 ص  - ( 4.4 )

“ I highly recommend SIS School! All of the teachers are so kind to each child, truly encouraging each to their strengths. my child has thrived under the direction of teachers who have taught here at SIS School for MANY years. My child LOVE to attend and learn. I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed a true love for learning. I am confident we made the BEST choice for our child at SIS School.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 15/08/36 11:33:03 م  - ( 5.0 )

“ I have had my children in this school for the past 9 years. It had been a very good school but for the past few year it was not doing great. This year I have seen a massive change. The new management truly has made a a big change. Mr Usman and his team really have brought education back into Saud International School after some years, I thank them for that. I highly recommend everyone this school. I hope that this management stays because it really is making a big differece in the educational sector in Riyadh. Great Work! Thank you”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 07/07/36 01:14:29 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ very good school ,great staff ,my kids love it.............................................................................................”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 25/04/36 05:03:51 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ Brilliant School, it is doing great. One of the best school in the kingdom! Highly recommend it! Come check it out yourself!”

Submitted by Teacher / Staff member
  Posted 25/04/36 04:59:40 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ One of the best school I have come across. Very good and understanding management. Boys section has truly changed this year!”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 10/03/35 11:51:07 ص  - ( 4.0 )

“ Saud International School (SIS) is deemed to be one of the best international schools in Riyadh. SIS is managed by experienced team and qualified teachers. My main concern regarding SIS, they do not focus on the sports activities.”

Submitted by Parent
  Posted 23/02/35 06:19:23 ص  - ( 5.0 )

“ My child love the school very much. I notice the improvement daily. Professional teachers with native English speaking.”

Submitted by Parent

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